Casual Player (Free) 

Becoming a “Casual Member” of Doncaster Templestowe Badminton Association Inc is easy. Complete the following registration form and submit it online. You will get limited access to our member portal and any of the services provided.

Please note, being a casual member will NOT grant you access to any services for paid members. If you are interested in becoming a paid member of the association, please submit your membership application once you have logged in to the member portal.

Your personal details are required for sports injury insurance coverage through club affiliation with Badminton Victoria and Badminton Australia. For more details about insurance coverage, visit the SportsCover website.

Please be aware you are playing at your own risk if you are not registered. 

We only collect your personal information when we need it to provide our services or to comply with the law. For example, your information is used for the following:-

  • Confirm your identity
  • Respond to questions, requests or complaints that you have made to us
  • If you have applied for Membership, assess your application
  • Manage our business
  • Share some of your information with Badminton Victoria

If you’re concerned about how we’ve handled your information, let us know, and we’ll try to address it.

For more information, contact our supervisor on (03) 9840 2063 or send us an email or online enquiry form.

Price: Free!